To develop a growth plan, a modern start-up can no longer rely on a 2 – stage (SDR/AE) sales organization. It needs a highly sophisticated multi-tiered approach. Below an outline of how to achieve that.

STEP 1  Determine Growth Path, and establish revenue/volume expectations per market

Figure 29. Growth based on 3 different segments (SMB, Mid Market, and Enterprise)

Figure 30. Visualization of growth expectations based on price and volume of deals

Figure 31. Mapping GTM strategies to the market segmentation

Figure 32. Matching this to the right Prospecting Approach


  • 1 – 1 Outbound for targeted outreach
  • 1 – Many for Event Outreach
  • Social for content outreach


  • Account Based Prospecting (targeting 3 people per account) for Mid Market, and
  • Target Account Selling (targeting multiple people using your team) for Larger deals

STEP 5  Identify the right sales approach

Figure 33. Matching your GTM  with the right Sales Approach


$ x,000 ACV per Deal

$ x,xxx,000 in revue

Y,yyy deals per year

Outbound based prospecting

Solution Selling


$ xx,000 ACV per Deal

$ x,xxx,000 in revue

Yyy deals per year

Account based prospecting
Consultative Selling


$ xxx,000 ACV per Deal

$ x,xxx,000 in revue

Yy deals per year

Account Based Marketing

Provocative Selling